Unboxing videos have taken over YouTube—136 million videos have been uploaded over the past decade and thousands more are uploaded every day. We noticed that USPS has had a major part in this cultural phenomenon from the start. The very boxes being unboxed in these videos were delivered by USPS and being watched by millions. It was high time that we get some recognition.

So, we created an unboxing video of our own and put it in reverse to show fans where the box come from in the first place—USPS. Then, we targeted unboxing videos featuring USPS boxes in them and played our video for30 days across 40 different categories on YouTube. Since launch, over 15million people have ordered boxes and the USPS box has turned into The OfficialBox of Unboxing.

Press: The Drum, Best Ads on TV

Awards: One Show Nomination


Agency: McCann WG

GCD: Daniel Carlsson & Tony Jones

ACD: Jonathan Springer & Erick Stossel

CW: Kara Gonchar

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